Better Connected Live 2018 Event Programme

The 2018 programme is in development however it will include:
  • web surgeries led by members of the Better Connected review team
Expert led, line of business workshops on:
  • waste & recycling
  • highways
  • social care
  • planning
  • libraries
  • and many others
Service specific workshops on:
  • website security
  • designing website for mobile devices
  • trends in local authority website design
  • trends in customer interaction
  • making websites accessible to people with disabilities
  • and a whole lot more
There are commercial opportunities for organisations
  • working with local public services on transformative initiative
  • supply software or services
  • delivering change consultancy
  • engaged in redesigning services and support

however each line of business, each service sector and each surgery can only support one sponsor. Those organisations with a particular interest should call Ben Webber on 07718 929 374 or email

The 2018 Better Connected Awards will be presented towards the end of the day.

Details coming soon.

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